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Visit Capracotta and the Alto Molise

You will discover unique places rich in history, art, tradition and a truly pure nature

Unique places rich in history: museums, abbeys, basilicas, ancient temples and cathedrals, fountains, waterfalls, Unesco reserves, historic centres among the most beautiful villages in Italy


We love nature, sun, snow, food, rest. We love Capracotta

With its 1421 meters above sea level, it is one of the highest Apennine centres (the highest point is the summit of Monte Campo at 1730 meters) and from the village there are wide panoramic views of the Maiella and the Mainarde. Capracotta is important for its climate and for winter sports, including cross-country skiing with the historic ski club founded in 1914 and important reference point for central Italy, where the National Championships of cross-country skiing were hosted in the splendid natural setting of Prato Gentile. During summer, it is the perfect place for nature lovers, where you can admire the splendour of the Garden of the Apennine flora and the extensive forests of silver fir and beech, with its 130 km of walking trails, by bike or on horseback.


  • Museum of Rural and Old Crafts – In the various rooms of the Baronial Palace, now the seat of the Municipality of Capracotta, the tools and instruments of the daily life of mountain people were collected. The premises, without architectural barriers, are ready to host expositions, exhibitions and cultural events.
  • The Garden of the Apennine Flora – The Garden is a natural botanical garden, in which the plant species of the central-southern Apennine flora are preserved and protected. Thanks to the different characteristics of the ground, it hosts numerous natural habitats and the recovery of protected plants at risk of extinction. The Garden is a priceless asset for the community and the territory of Alto Molise, it promotes environmental education and naturalistic tourism on educational trails, guided tours, events.

  • Mother Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo – At the highest point of the town, with a precious pipe organ of the eighteenth century and the Belvedere with a breathtaking view of the Valle del Sangro.
  • La Pezzata – Sagra which includes the preparation of the typical dish of the transhumance civilization based on sheep meat carefully prepared with aromatic herbs, cooked over a low heat with wood and served in terracotta plates, which has been proposed for fifty years on lawns in Prato Gentile the first Sunday of August.

  • Feast of the Madonna of Loreto – It is the most important for the inhabitants of Capracotta, and is traditionally celebrated every three years, on the 7th /8th /9th of September, recalling emigrants returning to Capracotta from all over the world. As part of the celebrations, the “parade of horses” is really suggestive, they are richly decorated with fine fabrics and finely adorned, and escort the passage of the statue of the Madonna of Loreto, venerated in the streets of Capracotta.


City of Art of Molise, Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club and among the one hundred most beautiful villages in Italy.

City museum for a historical and artistic heritage of great value (churches, convent buildings, libraries, museums, noble palaces). As well as quality dairy products, sugared almonds, hosts, wafers, mostaccioli are present …


  • Marinelli Foundry Bells – The Foundry of Bells of the Marinelli’s family and the “Museo della Campana”, are the oldest of their kind in the world for the casting of bells. During the guided tour you can discover the process of making a bell, from the creation of the mould, the decoration, to the casting and finishing of the bell.

  • Historical Museum of Copper – The historical copper museum was created by the Gerbasi family, the last branch of the noble Agnonese art. In addition to the many artefacts on sale, the history of the copper smelters of Agnone, the different types of copper processing can be followed within the museum.
  • Stafoli – It is part of the Town of Agnone, encloses a vast natural landscape where there are forests of oaks, green pastures and clear streams. At the entrance to the reception area, it was rebuilt a small American Far West world with a saloon, spaces for rodeos, accommodation, catering, shopping, breeding, hunting, mushrooms, truffles, horses, trekking, country festivals, rural life and quiet evenings.

Among the important events:

  • Corsalonga Parade of “n’docce”, high torches of burning beech carried on the shoulder. A special appointment with Alto Molisana Christmas tradition, which amazes and excites visitors and which even fascinated Pope Paul John II, who welcomed it in Piazza San Pietro in 1996, in addition to the rivers of fire, which will excite tourists, it will be organized tastings of typical products, entertainment Christmas markets and folklore. La N’docciata is proposed on 8th and 24th December.


Borgo in the Molise region within the Natural Reserve of Montedimezzo, MAB Reserve of UNESCO


  • The MAB Montedimezzo Reserve – The MAB Reserve (Man and the Biosphere) of Montedimezzo, located a few kilometres from Capracotta in the town of Vastogirardi, is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Reserve is managed by the Carabinieri Corp Forestry, it represents one of the main MAB Reserves present in the national territory. The entire Reserve is covered by thick forests of beech and oak trees, tree species that grow at altitudes between 900 and 1300 meters above sea level.


Truffle town

In the territory of the UNESCO Mab Reserve of the Biosphere and near the natural reserve of Montedimezzo, San Pietro Avellana is characterized by lush woods and natural scenery where these precious mushrooms were born, and which make the tables prestigious. A long tradition links the history of the truffle to that of San Pietro Avellana, which has become a point of reference for the gastronomy of the sector in all of central and southern Italy, whose production of white truffle is around 40% of national production.


  • Summer Black Truffle Fair – second weekend of August. Fantastic and renowned gastronomic event, music and shows with the highly prized Black Truffle which attracts tourists and gourmets even from the neighbouring regions.
  • Exhibition market of the Precious White Truffle – during the first weekend of November, an event dedicated to tasting and promoting the uncontested king of Italian cuisine.
  • Astronomical Observatory – The Provincial Astronomical Observatory of Isernia “Leopoldo Del Re”, located between the towns of San Pietro Avellana and Capracotta, far from light pollution, invites astronomy enthusiasts and all are interested in the observation of the Universe, the planets of the Solar System and the most remote galaxies.


In the heart of Sannio Pentro


  • Tempio Italico Theater – The archaeological area, located about one kilometre of the west of the built-up area of Pietrabbondante, represents the most magnificent testimony of the Samnite civilization, which is attested here since the 5th century BC. in the necropolis of Monte Caraceno, whose summit is surrounded by a fortification with polygonal walls prior to the 4th century BC. The complex of Pietrabbondante was, very probably, the sanctuary of the Samnite army, and therefore a place of particular historical importance. It was here that the rite of the oath took place before the great battle of Aquilonia against the Romans in 293 BC.



  • Rio Verde Waterfalls – They are the highest in the Apennines, second in Italy and among the highest in Europe and in the world. Perennial waters feed them even if they vary in flow during the year. The area, covered by lush vegetation between powerful rock bastions and sheer cliffs, overlooks the Sangro. The Rio Verde, born in Quarto between Abruzzo and Molise regions and after a short journey joins the Sangro with a considerable difference in height that creates spectacular waterfalls articulated in three consecutive jumps of about 200 meters.

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