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Winter Activities

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Visit Capracotta and Alto Molise in the shades of winter landscapes

Far from the traffic and immersed in the Molise nature, Capracotta is a true oasis of peace and a perfect starting point to devote yourself to all the outdoor mountain activities during the winter.

  • CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING: Cross-country skiing is definitely the sport par excellence in Capracotta. Since 1914, among other things, it has been the venue for one of the oldest ski clubs in Italy. It offers tracks of varying difficulty for over 15 kilometres: a competitive valley ring, a mountain ring, a stadium and the Capracotta cross-country ski school, based in Prato Gentile, the vast plateau at an altitude of 1580 meters from which the slopes unfold, was home to the Absolute Italian Championships of cross-country skiing in 1997. Then the Italian Junior and Aspiring Championships were held in 2000 and 2004, the FIS gave the opportunity to organize 4 Continental Cup races, the southernmost editions ever. In 2008, Capracotta again obtained the Continental Cup competitions.
  • SKI RENTAL: On the slopes of Prato Gentile there is also the seat of the Capracotta Cross-country Ski School, composed of qualified and certified ski instructors to teach people of all ages, or people with disabilities. Furthermore, the NOLO SCI offers its customers: shoes and skis for cross-country skiing, sledges, snowshoes and complete skating equipment.
  • ALPINE SKIING: On the north side of Monte Capraro there is a ski lift and a chairlift that, on the two opposite sides, both reach 1634 meters. The chairlift has an intermediate station that allows you to avoid the most difficult stretch of the Monte Capraro track which is composed of a stretch of 1550 m blue and 50 meters medium. Two tracks descend from the slope of the mountain with some variations, starting at 1634 m and reaching 1382 meters, at the start of the chairlift. Particularly suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers.
  • SNOWSHOEING: Trekking with snowshoes (ciaspole) to explore the snowy nature in peace and security. The excursion with snowshoes is an activity suitable for all ages.
  • BOB TRACK: For the youngest In the Prato Gentile area, it has recently been built an area dedicated entirely to bobsleigh and sledges, served by a convenient treadmill, and close to the dedicated slopes there are also the relative rentals.
  • NATURAL HORSE-RIDING For horse-riding experts it is possible to organize horseback riding in the snowy nature.


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